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Why some of the buyers’ package/parcel will arrive as early as 5 working days but some as late  as more than 18 working days?

The above question has been asked by many customers and me, myself too. Therefore, I have decided to asked one of our local postal service provider.

Each letter/parcels/packages will be processed either on the same or next working day upon receiving it from the senders (depending on the cut-off time).  After which the postal service provider will consolidate into big bags and ready to air-delivery to the respective countries.

The critical part is that each big bag(full of letters,parcels/packages) will rely on which route this plane is flying.  If you are lucky, your package/parcel is on the plane which flying directly to your country, it will reach your place very fast.  If your package/parcel is on the plane which is embarking to other country first before flying to your country, it will take a long while to reach your place. Of course, it is still depending on the custom clearance of the receiver’s country.

So now! You have known the reasons of your order which sometimes reach your premises  so fast and sometime so slow.

I am really seek your kind understanding and patience towards your order.

Thank you! Merci! Danke!

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