iPhone,iPod,Cell Phone Pouch

All glory to God!

One of my humble handmade product is featured in a women magazine (Wienerin) from Austria in the month of September,2010.  I would like to thank the person who chose my product from the e-store of  “DaWanda” too.  A German  handmade and unique products hubs.  In a thousands, I was chosen!

Sorry! 😦  I could not publish the  article in this blog as I do not have the rights to do it.  Therefore, I could only show you the product which was featured.

With Love .^_^.


Merci tellement!

Thank you Lord for giving me a pool of lovely international customers whom purchase and appreciate my handmade products.

This particular buyer, a owner of this blog site http://comateens.net wrote a beautiful article about sellers from DaWanda (a unique site to sell and buy handmade products from around the world).  A kind and beautiful young lady whom love and appreciate handmade products by supporting us (handmade artisans).

The following article was translated from “Babel Fish” translation (French to English). If  you are able to understand French, kindly go to her blog (http://comateens.net/so-cute/#comments) for more detailed description. Thank you! .^_^.

Here she is, my new laptop sleeve! Here I confess that my side (very) little girl comes out but I totally cracked up on that tinker on the site Dawanda!For those who do not know, Dawanda is a small gold mine, the site where you will always find something to do (or you) happy! You’ll find jewelry, clothing and accessories mutitude handmade and unique so often! Me since I discovered (thank you Alice malice ;-)), I spend quite regularly.

+ Little of this site, that is contact with people who sell their creations. We see that they are committed to what they make and that it makes them really happy when they customers order something. Each time I received what I ordered in small cloth bags, small gift boxes and always with a kind word!

But the prize of gold returns to lilyhandmade, the girl who made this little pouch direct … Singapore!

I rarely deal with someone as nice on the internet and when I received my package today, it was full of surprises: postcards, calendars, rulers, paper-bound small ribbons love … !

I have the feeling that gave me a gift!

Thank you so much for the above photo which  sent to me by a customer whom she bought 5 cell phone charms from my e-store. At first I thought she was going to give it away or combine purchase among her friends.  To my surprise, she wrote me a short message that she was intended to do a mobile for her son.  Here it goes, she sent me the picture of a completed mobile for her lovely son.

I am so happy that she was so innovative to convert my cell phone charms to her baby’s mobile.

Thank you Dear for sharing the above photo with me and also appreciate that you have given me your permission to put at my blog.

“Muak..Muak” (Sound of a kiss)

Dear Lily,

Thank you very much! I am so happy with my new business card case.

Here you can see me in my home, holding your case.

I am sure that I will soon buy another wonderful piece of your



Beautiful Store in Spain

Little Miss Maimun

Space of creation and recreation in this beautiful store at Madrid.

Do drop by if you visit Spain, as they carry individual artists’ handmade products from around the world.

Thank you “Little Miss Maimun” for choosing me as one of your supplier from Singapore.

Dear Lily,
the pouch has arrived this weekend. It is so lovely! I am absolutely happy – you did a great job!! Also it fits perfectly for my cell phone. Also it was wrapped up to nice, like a gift! Absolutely great!! Thank you so much!

laolalita 22.06.2009 09:40

Hey Lily!

I recieved my iphone pouch 3 days ago, its so beautiful. Thanks a lot, everything went great with the post and it was really fast here in austria!

Greetings to you!

Yes I received them yesterday beautifully packaged and perfect, thank you so much!!

Have a lovely weekend,


I recieved your things last Thursday but i couldn’t find time to write!! I really love your things!!!! Thank you so much!
I promiss i’ll be in touch!


Dear Lily,
Thanks. I received Pouch,
It’s cute and pretty,
I would not be able to find this one in Japan.  I love it and will keep it forever.  Thank you very much.

Dear Lilyhandmade,

thank you very much for the beautiful phone pouch. I have already received it on Monday. Your personal message and your cards have been very nice. I appreciate that very much. Looking forward to admiring your latest products at DaWanda! Best wishes to Singapore, Astrid

astrid1974 –  22.07.2009 03:06

Hi Lily,
I received the above items. Thank you very much. I am very happy and I enjoy the products. They are so sweet.
Best wishes!

siljagrafl 05.07.2009 16:52


Yes I received the item. It’s very nice. I love it!!!!
Thank you very much


smasseron 22.06.2009 11:19

Yes, she has. And likes it a lot because it goes with one of her favourite handbags with an owl on it. Thanks for asking!

Have a nice day, too!

JulchenD 04.06.2009 08:15

Hi! These phone pouch are just wonderfull! thanks a lot, and fast shipping! XO

Chaaa 23.05.2009 10:32

Hello Lily,

i’ve received the pouch, thank you very much! it’s beautiful.
I will recommend your work to other friends.
Keep on making such nice gifts!

GabyMoerken 29.04.2009 20:00

Hi lily

Thank you I have received your parcel. The product is great.




Hi Lily
I received the items and I am DELIGHTED!! They are superb!

Thanks so much for the little gift dear.

I will be in touch, thanks so much


Hi Lily!

Last monday I finaly obtained your package. It was a bit difficult because of the bad service of the German Post. 😉
The rabbit is absolutely great – thanks a lot!

I whish you a happy new year and a wonderfull weekend.

tommy879 01.01.2009 22:37
The above feedbacks do not appearred at “Feedback Rating” of my store at Dawanda. They sent their feedbacks via messages or emails. For more of the other feedbacks, please click here .

Hello world!

Welcome to my first lilyhandmade’s blog! Before going further to other topics, I would like to introduce about the country which I live since I was born.

Singapore is officially called the Republic of Singapore, an inland city state, that at the Southern end that of the Malay peninsula, south of the Malay state of Johor and the north of Indonesia’ s Riau islands. At 710,2 km2 (274,2 sq mi), Singapore, the smallest nation in South-East Asia, is  larger than the city of Monaco and of Vatikaan. By European settlement, the island that was now if Singapore is confessed the place of a Malay fishery village at the mouth of the river of Singapore.

In 1819, Sir Stamford Raffles had founded Singapore and it became one of the most important commercial and military centres of the British empire, and the hub of British power in South-East Asia. During the second world war , the British colony was occupied by the Japaneses , after the battle,   in 1965), Singapore became an independent republic within the Commonwealth of Nations on 9 august, 1965. Singapore was allowed to the United Nations on 21 September of that year. Since independence, Singapore’ s standard of living has dramatically increased.  Singapore is the 5th richest country in the world in terms of GDP (purchasing power parities) . In 2009, the entity of the intelligence of The Economist the tenth most expensive city in the world.

The population of Singapore is approximately 4.86 millions. Singapore is highest cosmopolitan and several with Chinese people an ethnic majority with large population of Malay, Indian and other races. English,  Malay, Tamil, and Mandarin  are  their main  languages. Singapore is a parliamentary republic, and the constitution of Singapore establishes representative democracy as nation’ s political system. People’ s Action Party(PAP) predominated the political process and control of the parliament won in each election since  1959.

That’s it folk for the  short history class! I hope you will not find it boring reading my country’s history. However, thank in-advance for your patience and time.  .^_^.