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Rainbow Loom is so popular in Singapore too. I started to loom when I saw shops are selling the kits and refills. As such, I have decided to purchase it but to my surprise, I am also addicted to it.  I started to loom and use it as a hair band. It does secured tightly.

As time goes by, I am not satisfied with just the given colour bands from the kit, therefore, I have decided to buy more of other unique colours.

I have enjoyed looming and find that there are too many for my own use . As such, I have decided to loom it for my return customers.

Each rainbow loom bracelet will be randomly pick while stocks last (will replace with other gift).

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discountDear Customers/Friends,

From 21 – 30 June, 2014, new customers will receive a 12% discount code at the back of my “business card” for their next purchase at my two e-stores.  As for the previous customers whom bought from me before, I have already sent a mass email to them.  Kindly refer to your email, but, in the event, you have accidentally deleted the email, you can send an email to me for the discount code.

Note: This 12% discount code is valid for minimum 10euro or above and NOT valid for customisation . Thank you!

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I have increased a few more of the appreciation gifts for return customers. All the above gifts are either purchased it during my holiday trips in Asia or imported from South Korea or China.  They are cute and practical to use. To show my appreciation to my return customers in their supports,  I will enclosed one of the above item in their return purchase.      .^_^.

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Another Gift-away for return customers from my e-store.

Ribbon  Pad is a sheet that helps to hold  your bang, so you can put make-up, wash face, or just like hair-accessories. Colour is randomly chose by me. This gift-away is limited stocks and may replace by other product.

Thanks again of your continual supports and purchases from my humble e-stores. I hope you will  like my products as well as my free-gift.

Lovely greetings from Singapore to all my customers.


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A sticker will filter electromagnetic waves when you attach at computer, cell phones, mp3 ,television or any devices . You can use it as decoration purposes too.

This “Anti-Radiation sticker- Give-away” is for return customers as a shown of my appreciation of their continuous supports of my humble e-store.

Thank you so much!  Merci beaucoup! Vielen Dank! Dank je wel! Tack så mycket! Muchas gracias! Muito obrigado!

Kindly see the following of how to stick this cute little gold-plated sticker:-

By the way you may not always get this  design, it is randomly picked . Sometimes, you may given  a pair of  “Sweet Rubber Coil/Telephone Coil/Wire Coil” in a nice Lace ribbon pouch.  Colours will pick randomly by me too.

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